The Chipi Chipi Band (fuzzypenguin) wrote in pipehouse,
The Chipi Chipi Band

Bleh. I'm SO not into math. And not that much into DDR.

You are... Jinx Belt!
Jinx Belt: You opened to the path for so many to
join the pipehouse. You don't post as much as
you used to, but that's becuse you game like a
maniac. Especially DDR. Though not many know of
your coolness, those who do appreciate your
knowledge and respect you as they would their
brother. That's why you're the administrator of
the Pipehouse forums! Jinx Belt... Faithful
sidekick, just like Luigi.

Which Pipehouse Staff Member are you?! - - v:1.0
brought to you by Quizilla

It took me a dozen tries or so to get me, but I finally managed it. Awesome quiz, Ben.
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